Creating Subcircuits – Two minutes or less

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In this video we create a four input “AND” gate out of three 2 input “AND” gates. This video will be useful for both LogicWorks and DesignWorks(does not simulate) users. It is done on LogicWorks for Windows but the process is very similar in the Mac version.

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Useful Web Site for DesignWorks Users

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Bob Rau has a DesignWorks tip page where he shares scripts and other useful tools.

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Free Text Book – Learning Digital Electronics

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Two great text books are now available free from the following web site: For more information please see: Free: Programmable Logic Essentials...

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MacSpice – Spice for the Macintosh

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MacSpice Version 3.1.2 is now available from LogicWorks can be used to build the circuit and submit it to MacSpice.  Please see the MacSpice example circuit that comes with LogicWorks.

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