The built-in device symbol editor allows you to quickly create your own symbols, or make changes or updates to existing library.

The editor has a full complement of drawing tools for common objects like rectangles, circles, polygons and text. In addition specific tools are provided to mark various types of pin connections and set default device and pin attributes, line and fill colors, etc.DW_device_symbol_editor_image_2

Automatic Symbol Generator

For common types of rectangular symbols, use the Auto Create Symbol command to generate a large symbol from a list of pin connections. Simple notations allow you to specify pin inversion, spacing and location.

Device and Pin AttributesDW_device_symbol_editor_image_3

The symbol editor gives you full access to the DesignWorks attribute facility. This allows you to store arbitrary text data with any symbol or pin. Default values can be stored with the symbol in the library and can be overridden on each unique device instance on the schematic, if desired. Various built-in attribute fields are provided for common functions like part name and component value, or you can define any number of your own fields for internal part numbers, simulation data, or any other text information. This information can be extracted in reports and netlists using the custom report generator.

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