What is LogicWorks for the Mac

LogicWorks is an interactive circuit design tool intended for teaching and learning digital logic. No other
Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40 software tool makes digital design easier, faster or more interactive than LogicWorks. The package gives you the power, speed and flexibility to create and test an unlimited number of circuit elements on-screen. This means that you can study advanced concepts much more quickly and clearly using on-screen simulation than you can by spending time wiring up expensive and damage-prone parts in a lab. LogicWorks is so easy to use that students will be creating and testing circuits in a matter of minutes, instead of spending precious lab time just getting started. LogicWorks includes a full schematic editor with bussing, multi-level Undo/Redo, interactive connection tracing, and many other powerful features. This is coupled with the unique, interactive digital simulator. Changes made to signal connections or device paramters on the screen are immediately reflected in the timing waveforms and probes placed right on the diagram.DWM_main_page_image_1(circuit) DWM_main_page_image_2(timing) LogicWorks is upwardly compatible with Capilano’s professional package, DesignWorks. This means that students can use their own copy of LogicWorks on their Windows-based or Macintosh home computer and then bring designs in to the more powerful DesignWorks package in the lab for integration, analysis and testing.

Schematic Editing

  • Full Cut, Copy and Paste of any group of circuit elements.
  • Automatically detects signal line connections.
  • Place your own text notations on the diagram.
  • Automatically reroutes lines at right angles when you move symbols. Bussing feature allows you to group any collection of signals into a single bus line.
  • Very simple diagram editing: most symbol placement and wire editing operations do not even require a menu selection.
  • Create your own device symbols and customize their simulation function by defining an internal circuit using any existing components.
  • Special power and ground symbols automatically create connections and generate the correct simulation values.
  • Pop-up menus give you direct access to common commands from anywhere on the diagram.


  • Display any number of signals simulataneously in the timing diagram.
  • Group any collection of signals into a single timing trace with value displayed in hex.
  • Thorough library of built-in primitive simulation elements for all common digital elements.
  • All primitive logic elements are scalable, allowing, for example, 56-input gates or 17-bit counters to be constructed as a single element. Set arbitrary delay values on any device or pin.
  • Built-in support for RAMs, ROMs and PLAs.
  • Sophisticated multi-state simulation supports high and low drive levels, “don’t know” values, three-state and wired-AND logic.

Thorough 400+ page manual(PDF only).

Where do I get support for LogicWorks?

Please see our LogicWorks support site for FAQs and support contact information.

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