Digital logic is a complex field that requires not only knowledge and practical experience, but also excellent understanding of the basics. LogicWorks was designed to act as an interactive circuit design tool that can be used for learning, as well as teaching digital logic. Unlike other similar products, LogicWorks is extremely fast, efficient and reliable and provides you with the opportunity to do tests on screen. Instead of wasting time wiring up parts in the lab, you can now create and test virtually unlimited circuit elements directly on your computer. This enables greater flexibility, speed and helps you bring your understanding of digital circuits to a more advanced level in shorter time.

Developed specifically to aid learning, LogicWorks is suitable for all levels, including beginners. Its innovative platform allows for a quick and efficient virtual testing of circuits in just a matter of minutes. LogicWorks also comes with a full schematic editor with bussing, multi-level Undo and Redo, interactive connection tracing and a number of other features that will complement and enhance your learning process. The unique digital simulator comes with an easy and intuitive navigation, as well. The changes you made to signal connections or device parameters will be reflected instantly in the timing waveforms and probes, placed on the diagram.

With LogicWorks, getting the logic behind circuits and circuit elements is easier than ever!



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