Robert Rau, Dynamic Video When I left my regular job to start my design services company, I needed to select software tools carefully because any schedule slip would show on our revenue stream right away. Although our first choice too quickly proved poor, we were much more fortunate the second time around when we selected DesignWorks.

We needed a schematic capture package that allowed us to streamline the concept to PC board process, and DesignWorks performed well. As we learned more about the depth of the internal scripting language, DesignWorks became the central data base for all product data from concept through production. Its strong database language coupled with its flexible attribute structure allowed us to provide high quality documentation that most of our clients had not seen before. Capilano continued to grow the product through the years, incorporating some of our suggestions, allowing higher levels of automation in a classically manual process of design transfer to production and materials departments of our clients.

Øivind Kirsebom, microDESIGN, Norway DesignWorks has been a major tool for my professional activity since 1985 (25th anniversary coming up). I operate as an independant electronics consultant, mainly doing Marine and Industrial instrumentation. In addition to the traditional Schematics for PCB design, I have also used DesignWorks to prepare Wiring Diagrams for product unit assembly. It has always been more convenient, stable and user friendly than the competition, primarely because it was originally introduced on the Mac. Capilano support has always been very responsive. I am happy to recommend this product, primarely because of its unequalled productivity.

Guy Hedrick, Musician/Designer/Founder Guytron Amplification LLC  DesignWorks is an excellent program. I have used it for roughly 15 years without incident. It has been updated smoothly all along the way, and has never failed to do what it claims. Any time I actually have had a question, Neil’s support has been top shelf all the way. DesignWorks made the transition from Paper to Screen very intuitive for me. I would recommended DesignWorks to anybody.