Attributes are arbitrary blocks of text that can be associated with any device, signal or pin in a design, or with the design itself. Attributes have a wide variety of uses, including:

  • Displaying device name, package assignment, part type, value, etc. on the schematic.
  • Storing manufacturing information such as catalog numbers, manufacturer’s name, price, part description, etc.
  • Storing data for use by external systems such as simulators, PCB layout, analysis tools, etc.

Attributes can be used in conjunction with the scripting and report generation features of DesignWorks to implement powerful interfacing, customizing and error checking features. You can define as many attribute fields as you need to store the text data required for your application.

User-Defined Fields

DesignWorks allows you to create user-defined fields that can be used to store data specific to your requirements. Use these fields to store layout parameters, simulation data, supplier information, etc. Fields can be given various display and content properties and default values can be defined with a symbol in a library or left for entry on the schematic. All attribute values are accessible in reports generated using the scriptable Export command.DWW_text_attributes_image_1

Displaying and Editing Attributes on the Schematic

Attribute values can displayed in various formats and rotations with the associated object on the schematic. Text that is displayed on the schematic can be edited right in place using the standard text tool. For more sophisticated editing, just right-click on the object and select the Attributes command.DWW_text_attributes_image_2


Attribute Text Styles

You can set the Font, Style and Size for an attributes text.


Attribute Value Lists

For attributes that will normally take on one of a specific set of values, you can specify a list of allowable items. These are presented to the user in various places that attribute editing is allowed

Attribute Probe Tool

The “attribute probe” cursor allows you to display all the values associated with any object on the schematic.DWW_text_attributes_image_5

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